Wapato in Tenmile Lake!

Well, I got a fun (for plant nerd me) email today – apparently there are people associated with the Tenmile Watershed Association that have found a population of wapato there. Hooray! It survives! No small feat, considering the great ecological upheavals and changes in the Tenmile system over the last century.

The native words for wapato are kwiimits in Hanis, qwiimits in Milluk and Siuslaw/Umpqua.  It is the one word I know of, at present, that is so similar between the three languages.  Which is rather curious in itself.  Well, Hanis and Milluk often share terms, or very close with small variation.  And, Tenmile was the boundary between Hanis and Lower Umpqua people.  It came up in the land claims trial of 1932 that the Hanis owned the south lake and the Quuiich (Lower Umpqua) owned the north lake.  Perhpaps a case of language contact, like other examples of shared words I listed a couple of posts back.


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