More on the tides

So I had time while in Oregon to do research in Harrington’s notes, and find lots more words to add to the Hanis Coos dictionary. I also again found the word tl’uunii, high tide/the water is high. Turns out it is a verb, not a noun or adjective. Hanis speaker Lottie Evanoff said tl’uunii meant the water is high, and tl’uuna =the water is coming in/the tide is coming in. So, tl’uun– is a verb stem. For those who like fancy terminology, the suffix –ii in tl’uunii is a mediopassive, and the –a is some kind of verbal affix – it appears in Frachtenberg’s grammar but I’ll have to spend more time wading thru it to understand it well.

So I will be posting more soon on all the fun new words I found.


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