Postcard photo of Annie Miner Peterson

Just for fun, am adding a few historical photographs.  Here is a post card image of Annie Miner Peterson.  From the background, it looks like it came from somewhere out at Cape Arago:

Unfortunately, I do not know what year this photo was taken.  Somewhere in the vicinity of late 19th/early 20th century is likely.

Annie Miner Peterson was born on Willanch Slough to a Hanis Coos woman named Matilda in 1860.  Her father was a white man named Miner.  Her mother took Annie with her when the Indians were removed to Yachats.  She grew up speaking Hanis, learned Milluk as a young child from her Milluk speaking relatives, and learned English as a young adult.  She had an older sister named Fanny who married Chief Doloos Jackson; their daughter Lottie (Jackson) Evanoff was a Hanis consultant for JP Harrington in 1942.

She was an adept storyteller and left a record of many texts and records from her work with linguist Melville Jacobs in 1933 and 1934.  She died in 1939 and is buried at the Sunset Cemetery south of Coos Bay, near Millington.


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