Islands in the fog

I found this photo I took on a foggy day at Gregory Point (the ancient Milluk village of Baldich) in 2007.  I thought I’d share it because the thick fog makes everything look mysterious, quiet, and almost ghostly:

Gregory Point (Cape Arago) and cormorants

This photo is actually on the mainland, you can’t see the nearby Chief’s island.  What the people of Baldich originally called the island we don’t know.  The generic word for island in Milluk is dla’a; Hanis it’s tlpalis; and in Siuslaw/Umpqua it is wiitaya.  So Chief’s Island translated directly from English to Milluk would be sikinin di dla’a.

There are a few islands in Coos Bay today that are low lying and are largely the creation of modern dredging.  Valino Island in South Slough is the exception; it’s a 23 acre island that has existed for thousands of years.  According to Lottie Evanoff, Valino island was called dle’e’ye; a word which is derived from dla’a.


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