Words with shared roots

In Hanis and Milluk (closely related languages of Coos Bay and the lower Coquille River), there are several words that share the root bald-.  In Hanis, the words for ocean, coast, and west are all related.  Not surprisingly, as obviously west and coast in Hanis and Milluk country are right up against the ocean.  Ocean is usually baldiimis in Hanis; occasionally the word baldich  is used but usually baldich refers to west, or coast.  There was a place name Baltiasa that Frank Drew gave as the place name for Cape Arago.  Jim Buchanan gave the same word as a place name on the north bank of Coos Bay somewhere downstream of kdet (Glasgow) that was home to a mysterious tribe of powerful, mean, dangerous people who were driven out.  Buchanan never named them, but this sounds a lot like the story of a tribe named elsewhere as Sagandas  or Sik’andas.  I’ll write a post soon about them.

Meanwhile, in Milluk, there are also similar words that share the bald- root.  Ocean is bahltiimis or baldicha; sand is baldis; on the coast is baldisiich.   The village that was out at Gregory Point was called Baldich – a name that definitely meant something like coast-place, ocean-place.  The people living next to the coast were baldiyak’a which means something like ‘beach-shore people’; bald- for ocean/coast, –iya as an inchoative/transitional, and k’a is Milluk for person or people.


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