Metaphors and expressions

Languages are full of words that have multiple meanings.

In Hanis I found that the word tleye’ench, straight, can also be used to mean ‘truth’ , ‘all right’ and ‘to hurry’.

For example:

xtleye’ench luuwii – truth, literally “straight good”

xtleye’ench ten wutxe = he came back all right (xtleye’ench=straight, all right; ten=that one, he; wutxe = to return, come back)

xtleye’ench echii-you hurry up (xtleye’ench – straight, hurry; e=you (singular); chii=come)

no xtleye’ench=I hurried up (no=I; xtleye’ench=hurry, straight)


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