Near and Far

Well, I have more posts to write soon.  As I clean up the Hanis wordlist, I find interesting little connections.

One is related terms for ‘near’ and ‘far’.  According to Annie Peterson, ch’e means ‘a little ways’ and ch’e’ech means far away.  The latter looks like ch’e with a locative suffix –ch, and it is curious to me that adding a locative would change the word from near, a little ways to far away.  She also said it implied far away in the woods.  ehénch’e meant very far away.

Annie also gave some of these terms in Milluk: in this language ch’e means far away in the woods, hénch’ishje means very far away (the equivalent of Hanis’s ehench’e), and the similar ch’íshje also means ‘far away in the woods’.


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