Your word o’ the day…

Yesterday I mentioned Morris Swadesh’s recording of Milluk, where he made a tape recording of Laurie Hodgkiss Metcalf (age 91 in 1953) give some Milluk vocabulary with the help of her younger sister Daisy Wasson Codding.  Swadesh was doing a survey then and got recordings of several Oregon coast languages, including Tututni, Siuslaw/Umpqua (where he interviewed May Barrett Elliot, Clay Barrett, Howard Barrett & Billy Dick), and Hanis Coos (Martha Harney Johnson).

These recordings are invaluable, because they are much clearer than the recordings Jacobs made twenty years earlier with Jim Buchanan, Frank Drew & Annie Peterson.  It is much easier to hear how words are pronounced.  But he also got a few words never recorded in any other source.

For Milluk, one of those words is for pus, which is ilbiinos*  – ILL -BEE-nuss.

Yeah, I am sure you didn’t really want to know that word.  EW!!  But hey, it is October, month of gross and scary things… and the word for pus never turned up in other Milluk sources, which are pretty limited really (Dorsey in the 1880s, Jacobs in 1933 and 1934 with Annie Peterson, and a few words in Harrington’s notes).  So there is your word o’ the day in Milluk.

*Remember to check the ‘about’ tab for pronunciation guide.


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