New words!

So, while trying to chase down some Hanis Coos notes, I found a file with some more notes in it from Jane Sokolow in her work with Martha Harney Johnson in 1965.  Found a few extra words in it.  YAY!

One is ‘to nurse’ (as in nursing a baby), which is kitsat.  This is similar to Milluk’s gats’i.  

To cough is ‘ahwat.  Sounds kinda onomatopoetic.

The word for ‘scissors’ comes up once, but it is very hard to read on my copy of Sokolow’s notes.  I think it is kini’pn.  I would think the word was created from a verb meaning ‘to cut’ or something along those lines but so far I’ve not had any luck hunting up a verb root that survives in the vocab list.  That, or Sokolow wrote something else there….


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5 Responses to New words!

  1. Shirod Younker says:

    So when I was listening to the miluk tape (years ago)….gat’s (never mind the apostrophe…autoword check keeps wanting change it to “gate”…so I added the apostrophe) is said twice….once as a definition “to suck” and another time as the word for “Breast”. But your version includes both….makes sense.

  2. Anthony Grant says:

    Hi: re the scissors word, if you can send me a scan of the page of Jane S’s notes with the word on, I’ll try to do some pal(a)eography on it. A

    • shichils says:

      OK! I probably can’t get to it til tomorrow…we spent the day in the woods, hiking and chasing tadpoles in a pond. I’m taking a short sit down while cookin’!

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