Random new words

So it turns out my copy of one of Jacobs’ notebooks was missing a bunch of pages (bad initial photocopy).  Troy Anderson helped me out & shared his complete notebook copy and a few other fun things like some of Jacobs’ word and grammar slip files (thanks Troy!).  I’ve already found a couple of ‘new’ nouns to add to the wordlist.

One is a word for twins, which is ts’ilkin (stress on 1st syllable) in both Hanis and Milluk.  Womb (uterus) is ma’láqmalq in Hanis, maqmálq in Milluk.

I’ve found a fun new verb too (by fun I mean Weird & Vaguely Horrifying and Not Likely To Be Used in Daily Conversation) but I’ll save that one for tomorrow’s post.


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One Response to Random new words

  1. Sofia cis says:

    hahah awesome. can’t wait

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