Access to Hanis recordings at UC Berkeley

Martha Harney Johnson was a Hanis woman, daughter of Jeff and Jane Harney.  She grew up in the intertribal community on the lower Siuslaw River.  When she died February 5 1972, she was the last fluent speaker of Hanis.  She worked with a few linguists in the 1950s and 60s, some of her words preserved in recordings.  A few of these recordings that she made in 1964 are preserved at the Berkeley Language Center at UC Berkeley, and they can be listened to online here.

However, before one can listen to the recordings one needs to create a log in account, which is quite easily done here.  After creating a log in you can click on any of Mrs. Johnson’s links at the archive and listen.  Unfortunately by 1964, she had not used the language for many years so there are many words she could not recall but it is still handy listening to a native speaker pronouncing the words.


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