Hollow trees

Sorry for the long blog silence.  Been busy with other projects of late.  Thought I’d post a brief bit of vocabulary today.

Working through Harrington’s notes, occasionally I find phrases that illuminate the workings of the native languages a bit more.

In his interview with Frank Drew, Clay Barrett & Spencer Scott it turns out there is not a word in Hanis or Siuslaw/Lower Umpqua for ‘hollow tree’; but there are phrases for it.

In Hanis Frank gave it as k’e-xlaxxach nikk’in, litterally without-inside(plural objects)-locative tree/log/wood.  The verb ‘to be inside (plural object)’ is usually given as xtl’- but here in a phrase the t dropped out and became xl-

In Siuslawan it is kuminch qts’i’yat hlqaihtuu, literally no/not inside tree.  qts’ii’i is ‘inside’ in Siuslaw; the -t may be an adjectival suffix mentioned in Leo Frachtenberg’s grammar of Siuslaw.


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