New Verbs!

Just when I thought there were no new sources of Hanis and Milluk language out there…new words and phrases are found! Troy Anderson scanned hundreds of pages of slip files from the Jacobs archives and within those pages are a handful of new nouns, and some new verbs. It is an incredible amount of new information.

It’s going to take a long time to get through it all. Over time I’ll keep adding new words and phrases that I find.

Here are a couple of new-to-me verbs: hlqan-to soak, ts’ilbin-to pry out, to drizzle-p’a’y

They are soaking Hlqa’ní’ya il [il=surely] hlqa’ná’ykw
I will soak them Nohlqán’idá hantl hlqándisát’á’wantl
I soaked them Qándisát’á’u [probably should be hlqándisát’á’u]
I will pry it out with my finger Nts’ílbint han ts’álbin’wantl
Pry it out! Ts’ilbínde ts’ílbin
Pry them out! Ts’ilbínde héme [hama/heme=plural objects, ‘all’] ts’ílbi’nome’
I got [pried] it out Nots’ílbint il Ts’álbin’w
It’s drizzling P’a’yáyam Pa’íyam
It drizzled P’a’yáyam P’a’íyamgum
It won’t be long now before it will drizzle In hantl heniye tsantl p’a’yáyam Gii heniye hantlman p’a’íyam

In the Hanis phrase ‘it won’t belong now before it’ll drizzle’ the word tsantl is a mystery. The rest is in-no, not; hantl-will (future), heniye-long time, p’a’yayam=drizzling. Tsantl looks like some variation of ‘hantl’, the future particle.

It’s interesting too how the verb roots are the same, more or less, between the two languages but the pronouns and affixes can be different.  In Hanis, subject pronouns (I, she, we, etc) are more or less prefixed to to the verb – meaning, it appears right in front of it (usually; once in a blue moon another word can appear between the subject pronoun and the verb but that is rare), and in Milluk “I” is a suffix on the verb, appearing as-u or -w.  Thus you get the contrast of notsilbint ( and tsilbin’w (


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