Place name of the day: Tree-Fall-Place

There wasn’t a village here on what was once a bluff above the bay – though it was located between a tightly packed string of villages to the north (like Q’alaxaich, Mahakwin, Gahakich & Da’nis) and south (Shuutlits) of it – but it was a named landmark.

In Hanis, it was called Tl’kwí’issiich (per Frank Drew) or Tl’kwá’yissiich (per Lottie Evanoff).  It came from the word tl’gi’yas, fallen tree, so the site was called Fallen-Tree.  Lottie said it was so called because there ‘a tree fell, there out towards and into the bay’.  The bluff was graded, she said, and the Hotel North Bend built there.  Today the Hotel is an apartment complex.  It’s on the corner of Highway 101 and Virginia.



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