New word: dark (colors)

At this stage, I don’t find many new Hanis words. Found one last night, however, a new word for ‘dark’.

In St Clair’s (1903) and Frachtenberg’s work (1909) with Hanis speakers Jim Buchanan and Tom Hollis, they recorded a verb and a noun for ‘to be dark (a lack of light), darkness’. The verb is liit-, as in this story about the time the sun did not rise one morning:

tlepqánien kwe yuu liiyá’at

ten=ORD it.seems very

For ten days it was very dark.

The noun, darkness/lack of light, is liiyéos.

When Jane Sokolow came to Oregon in 1965 to work with the last known fluent Hanis speaker, Martha Harney Johnson, she recorded ‘dark’ as liiyat. But she got a second, completely different word for ‘dark’, k’wƗƛč (k’witlch). This word is recorded nowhere else (to my knowledge), and I assume that it refers to the second English meaning of ‘dark’; dark shades of colors.

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