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A Milluk name for Siuslaw River?

It’s common for a language group to have its own name for other people and rivers that’s different from what that other people call their own river or themselves. But in the case of the Siuslaw, the word I find … Continue reading

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A pattern in plant terms?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if I am looking at an actual pattern in the language, or if it is just coincidence – an illusion. I recently puzzled out that –k’ acts as a diminutive in Hanis, and maybe … Continue reading

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Shared words between Siuslaw and the Coosan languages

Hanis, Miluk, Siuslaw and Alsea are all generally supposed to be related to one another, altho clearly Siuslaw and Alsea are someone more closely related to each other than to the Coosan languages. The relationship between Hanis and Miluk is … Continue reading

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There’s more than one way to build a number (Milluk)

Five years ago I wrote a post about comparing the words for one thru five in Milluk, Hanis, Siuslaw, and Alsea, based on work by Eugene Buckley. (These languages have generally been supposed to be related). He saw some interesting … Continue reading

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Sea Serpents

Sea Serpents appear in stories around the world – and not only in the ocean but in large lakes as well, perhaps most famously of contemporary ‘lake monster’ stories is “Nessie” of Loch Ness. All along the Pacific Northwest coast, … Continue reading

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First posted Dec. 17, 2011 There are a few mentions of a mysterious people called “Sagandas” or “Sik’andas”. There are few mentions of them, and only two recorded stories. The oldest story was recorded by Henry Hull St. Clair in … Continue reading

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The Hollering Monster

First posted 4/26/18 Nok’élehe: the-person-that-halloos, the hollerer, the thing that hollers. The word is the same in both Hanis and Milluk, based on the verb k’el-or k’al-; to holler, to yell. The story of the nok’élehemight be one of the most-told stories recorded … Continue reading

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