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Milhau’s Lower Umpqua wordlist, 1856

Above: Image of man at Fort Umpqua, 1850s In my previous post I wrote about Dr. John Milhau’s wordlist of Hanis that he made in the autumn of 1856 while stationed at Fort Umpqua. He also made a word list … Continue reading

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Puzzles in the First Coosan Wordlist, 1856

In autumn of 1856, physician John J. Milhau was stationed at Fort Umpqua. At the time he was a young man of 28, and had been raised and educated in New York City. He wrote down word lists of what … Continue reading

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150 year old photo

A couple of years ago, Robert Kentta sent me an email of a photo of an unidentified Native man taken approximately 150 years ago at the military Fort Umpqua. It is in an archive back east (most of the surviving … Continue reading

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