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Some more Coos names for the Yachats region

When the Coos Bay & Lower Umpqua people were removed to Yachats they either learned Alsea place names for landmarks, or more often, coined their own names for landmarks. In the last post we already discussed the Coos name for … Continue reading

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Cook’s Chasm

I’ve written a post about Cook’s chasm before, here.  It was the place where they rare blue clay paint was found.  I want to write about some Coos and Siuslaw names of the Yachats region, but there is enough lore … Continue reading

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Why head flattening?

If you look up this Wikipedia article on head flattening and other ‘cranial modifications’, cultures around the world have practiced this for pretty much the Anthro 101 class explanations you’d expect – group identification (tied to social class or tribe … Continue reading

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More than one way to count the years

To date, for Hanis I’ve seen 2 words used to mean ‘year’ – itsiimis and qainais.  itsiimis is the word usually found; qainais only appears twice.  Both words were used to talk about age, so what difference in meaning between the words, if any, was never … Continue reading

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