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Translations and meanings aren’t always settled: Rethinking the definition of kahlalis

First, I want to thank Troy Anderson for pointing me out to Milluk examples of a word I was looking for, kahlalis/qahlalis. While going through Jim Buchanan’s story of “Night Rainbow” I noticed a Hanis word, kahlalis, that Frachtenberg (who … Continue reading

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“Types of Dances at Yachats” & Trying to Puzzle Out More New Words

So here is a text from the “missing” Jacobs notebook 103 pages, it was also printed in “Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts”. It is about Annie’s recollection of her first dance, when she was about 12, at Yachats. Cyrus Tichenor … Continue reading

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A confusion of names

So off and on for awhile I’ve been building on my dad’s work and trying to build databases of traditional place names (mostly in the Hanis, Milluk and Siuslaw languages but I keep notes on interesting Athabaskan, Alsea and Tillamook … Continue reading

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Grandmother Rock of Bandon

I recently visited my dad who lives at the place along the Coquille River where Grandmother Rock (also known as Tupper Rock, for a Capt. Tupper who once ran a hotel by it) once stood.  Poor grandmother!  She was a … Continue reading

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Crow and Thunderbird – 2 versions

There are several versions of “Crow & Thunderbird” that got recorded – twice in the Hanis language; once from Jim Buchanan and once from Annie Peterson (Frank Drew once told it just in English to Jacobs). I’ve gone through and … Continue reading

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Wild Beings of the Woods; or, Beware the Beasts of Nightmare

In the previous post, I talked about the mysterious giants of the forest; the shiihlwaya.  But the shillhlwaya were far from the only humanoid creatures that walked the woods.  At least the shiihlwaya were regarded as mostly harmless.  Not everything lurking in the forests … Continue reading

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Legends of Giants

There was a story in The Oregonian last month about a shrieking creature in a swamp on the Umatilla Reservation that some believed was a bigfoot. It made me think about the legends of giants among the Coos people. But … Continue reading

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