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Libby, or HeldƏnita, a Milluk woman

Photo: Left, Mike Tinalon or perhaps Quinlin; right, Heldoniita/Libby (Milluk). Photo date unknown; some time in 1880s or 1890s. Photo courtesy of Dr. Stephen Beckham via Flanagan family Some may remember that Coalbank Slough was once called Libby Slough, and … Continue reading

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Night Fishing

Sketch by William Wells, 1855; published in 1856 in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. Image Library of Congress. The image above, sketched in 1855 by a visitor to Coos Bay, depicts night fishing on the bay. You might look at that … Continue reading

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Umpqua River, 1850-51

Captain Albert Lyman was captain of the ship Samuel Roberts which briefly explored the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers in 1850.  He settled on the Umpqua for a year or two, kept a journal and made some sketches.  Photos of the sketches are … Continue reading

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150 year old photo

A couple of years ago, Robert Kentta sent me an email of a photo of an unidentified Native man taken approximately 150 years ago at the military Fort Umpqua. It is in an archive back east (most of the surviving … Continue reading

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