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Translations and meanings aren’t always settled: Rethinking the definition of kahlalis

First, I want to thank Troy Anderson for pointing me out to Milluk examples of a word I was looking for, kahlalis/qahlalis. While going through Jim Buchanan’s story of “Night Rainbow” I noticed a Hanis word, kahlalis, that Frachtenberg (who … Continue reading

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A confusion of names

So off and on for awhile I’ve been building on my dad’s work and trying to build databases of traditional place names (mostly in the Hanis, Milluk and Siuslaw languages but I keep notes on interesting Athabaskan, Alsea and Tillamook … Continue reading

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Commentary on Creation story

OK if you haven’t read the previous post, which is a translation of Jim Buchanan’s version of the Creation story, as told in 1909, go read it.  Today I’ll talk about other versions and a bit of commentary. First, I … Continue reading

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Story of “The Flood”

So there a couple of versions of a Coos Bay great flood story.  There is a version published in Frachtenberg’s Coos Texts that he translated from Hanis Coos to English.  And a short version given years later by Lottie Evanoff … Continue reading

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