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Libby, or HeldƏnita, a Milluk woman

Photo: Left, Mike Tinalon or perhaps Quinlin; right, Heldoniita/Libby (Milluk). Photo date unknown; some time in 1880s or 1890s. Photo courtesy of Dr. Stephen Beckham via Flanagan family Some may remember that Coalbank Slough was once called Libby Slough, and … Continue reading

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“Dear Old Lady”: the tale of the suffix -sha

Leo Frachtenberg worked with Hanis speaker Jim Buchanan in 1909. As part of his work, he later published a grammar of Hanis. In it he noted a suffix -sha that is unusual in that unlike any other suffix in the … Continue reading

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Puzzles in the First Coosan Wordlist, 1856

In autumn of 1856, physician John J. Milhau was stationed at Fort Umpqua. At the time he was a young man of 28, and had been raised and educated in New York City. He wrote down word lists of what … Continue reading

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Tattooing of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw

Tattooing was a traditional art in many Native American communities, and in recent years many tribes have been reviving these customs. I’ll focus primarily on Coos Bay, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw (CLUS) tattoos in this post, along with what information … Continue reading

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Dentalium are white, tusk shaped shells that have been valued as money and beads for millenia among Native people. The usual dentalium people preferred in Oregon was a species known as Dentalium pretiosum. They are a kind of snail, living … Continue reading

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Translations and meanings aren’t always settled: Rethinking the definition of kahlalis

First, I want to thank Troy Anderson for pointing me out to Milluk examples of a word I was looking for, kahlalis/qahlalis. While going through Jim Buchanan’s story of “Night Rainbow” I noticed a Hanis word, kahlalis, that Frachtenberg (who … Continue reading

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Words for ‘grizzly bear’

Both Hanis and the Siuslaw/Lower Umpqua called grizzly bears swahl.  (Siuslaw/LU and Hanis share a handful of words, so this kind of overlap isn’t unusual)  They did have different words for black bear (shximhl versus t’ii or to’íí respectively).  Black bear in Milluk is pelel. … Continue reading

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New Verbs!

Just when I thought there were no new sources of Hanis and Milluk language out there…new words and phrases are found! Troy Anderson scanned hundreds of pages of slip files from the Jacobs archives and within those pages are a … Continue reading

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Da’nis village: a possible etymology

Out of dozens of place names given in the CLUS languages, some have clear meanings (because the speaker offered a translation); others have etymologies easily figured out.  But some are hopelessly opaque. Da’nis village, which was located in North Bend, … Continue reading

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Comparing Alsea, Siuslaw, Hanis, Milluk #s

I’ve been working, off and on, on comparing St Clair’s list of 200+ Milluk and Hanis words (that he got in 1903 from work with Jim Buchanan, Frank Drew and George Barney). One part of the vocabulary where there is … Continue reading

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