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As everyone knows by now, Monday is the day there will be a solar eclipse in North America. At any one place on earth, solar eclipses are much more uncommon than lunar eclipses. Throughout human history, many cultures have thought … Continue reading

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A compilation of some spooky stories for Halloween

Halloween is almost here & I thought I’d compile a few of my past posts about spooky beings and stories. For beings, there is the one about giants (although for the most part, they aren’t dangerous). More dangerous than the … Continue reading

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Great Fires and the Willanch Monster

In the past, coastal Oregon Indian people often set fires – annually in camas and tarweed fields, and hazel patches every few years. They probably did the same for bear-grass patches. These regular fires cleared out dead plant material, reinvigorated … Continue reading

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Stories Travel

Stories travel – through both time and space. By which I mean that when one looks at traditional Native American stories, some story plots appear among numerous tribes across a broad region (such as stories about Women Who Married Stars), … Continue reading

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Humbug Mountain, Euchre Creek and the angry octopus

Humbug Mountain, image from traveloregon.org So usually I blog about CLUS stories but while poking around Harrington’s notes I found this fun/odd story about Humbug Mountain and Euchre Creek.  The coast line along Curry County is so beautiful, and I … Continue reading

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The Little People

I don’t think I’ve written about ‘the little people’ on the blog before.  The term ‘little people’ refers to mythological gnome or dwarf-like people and are apparently quite common to many cultures around the world.  In the Coos language, the … Continue reading

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“Nephew Story” or “The Girl & The Sea Serpent”

Tewitech hechit’ – the Nephew Story or, The Girl & Her Pet  This is a story Jim Buchanan told of a young woman who encounters a baby sea serpent, which becomes her spirit power. The sea serpent becomes friends with … Continue reading

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