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A Milluk name for Siuslaw River?

It’s common for a language group to have its own name for other people and rivers that’s different from what that other people call their own river or themselves. But in the case of the Siuslaw, the word I find … Continue reading

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Shared words between Siuslaw and the Coosan languages

Hanis, Miluk, Siuslaw and Alsea are all generally supposed to be related to one another, altho clearly Siuslaw and Alsea are someone more closely related to each other than to the Coosan languages. The relationship between Hanis and Miluk is … Continue reading

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Raid on the Siuslaw: Part 2

Photo of  Tankuksii (Indian Dan, Dan Johnson, Dan Quixote), a Lower Umpqua man who might have been part of the party that fought off the Chinook raiders.   Yesterday I wrote about some of the Siuslaw chiefs involved in the … Continue reading

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Raid on the Siuslaw: The Background

Above: l to r Frank Drew (Hanis), Jim Buchanan (Hanis) and Eli Metcalf (Miluk & Coquille?) There was a slave raid, some time in the 1840s, when the Siuslaw people were attacked. It was memorialized in stories by James Buchanan … Continue reading

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Some curious “family” words

There are several words in Hanis and Milluk that can mean family, relatives. Some have other meanings beyond that – estis can also mean any crowd or group of people (in addition to ‘extended family’). Qahlalis also seems to mean extended family, … Continue reading

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In English, the common names for some bird species have changed a lot over the decades. In Frachtenberg’s Siuslaw word list (published in “Lower Umpqua Texts” in 1914) he has a word for ‘pigeon hawk’ – qsii’i. A quick google … Continue reading

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    Sorry I have been so busy this summer I haven’t had time or energy to research posts here. Hopefully I can start writing at least semi-regularly again soon. In the meantime, here is a slightly-modified reprint of an … Continue reading

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