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A few Siuslaw place names

It’s leap day, that comes just once every four years. On the last leap day, I wrote about the indigenous name for Camas Valley. Maybe to create a leap year day tradition of writing about place names, I’ll write this … Continue reading

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Place name of the day: Tree-Fall-Place

There wasn’t a village here on what was once a bluff above the bay – though it was located between a tightly packed string of villages to the north (like Q’alaxaich, Mahakwin, Gahakich & Da’nis) and south (Shuutlits) of it – … Continue reading

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Place Names

While reading the introduction of William Bright’s compilation of Native-derived names in the United States, “Native American Placenames of the United States”, I got to thinking about how biases can affect contemporary scholars’ thinking. I’m used to “John Q Public” … Continue reading

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“Place of Pines”: A case of mistaken identity?

There is an old myth that refuses to die that the “Coos” in Coos Bay means either ‘lake’ or ‘place of pines’.  I’ve written before as to the likely origin of the place name Coos – probably traces back to … Continue reading

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Revisiting Woahink and Cleawox

Three years ago I wrote about the probable Siuslaw language origins of the names Cleawox and Woahink lakes.  I just got a new book for a present – Native American Place Names of the United States – and it was … Continue reading

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Tenmile Lake

I saw in the newsletter they are talking about getting around to renaming Camp Easter Seals.  The tribe printed this article a couple of years ago, but to give people ideas for names I am reposting it here.  I’ve modified … Continue reading

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Da’nis village: a possible etymology

Out of dozens of place names given in the CLUS languages, some have clear meanings (because the speaker offered a translation); others have etymologies easily figured out.  But some are hopelessly opaque. Da’nis village, which was located in North Bend, … Continue reading

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