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Whatever happened to Minnehaha

Unlike the previous stories, this one is not about a mythological being (or, since many believe in the existence of bigfoot I might say, presumed mythological), but about a real person. I first wrote about Minnehaha’s mysterious disappearance in 2013. It’s time … Continue reading

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Jim Buchanan’s testimony at Chemawa

This is the full document I mentioned yesterday. It’s a transcript of Jim Buchanan testifying before some Congressional reps visiting Chemawa in 1932. Frank Drew acted as interpreter. In 1990 Dr. Beckham added some editorial notes in square brackets (this … Continue reading

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Well, THAT explains things a bit more

Unidentified man in photo taken at Fort Umpqua, 1857-1862 So back in 2014 I wrote about finding an 1860s newspaper article on the Indians of the Alsea Subagency attacking an employee, Thomas Clark or Clarke (who was supposed to teach … Continue reading

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Hatchet attack at Yachats in 1867?

I was playing around with the historical newspapers database at the University of Oregon, looking for mentions of the Alsea subagency when I stumbled on an article from a Jacksonville paper in 1867 about a fight there.  A rather dramatic … Continue reading

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Amanda and Bensell’s diary

If you’ve ever been on the Amanda trail in Yachats, you probably are somewhat familiar with the story of Amanda – a blind woman forcibly removed from her family and home, marched over rough rocks which gave her bloody feet. … Continue reading

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